Q Education?

A I attended Vidal Sassoon in London, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I studied to be a make-up artist with David Starr in San Francisco and I have trained with Bumble and Bumble in New York. I have also attended Oribe education in Las Vegas, Nevada. In Bologna, Italy I attended Cosmoprof. My hair extension training is from Great Lengths in Los Angeles. And my Japanese Thermal Straightening training is from Yuko Systems in Beverly Hills. My MBA is from the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Oribe has inspired me to begin photographing my work. Photo shoots take a lot of time and energy, but I find them challenging and creatively fulfilling.

QWhat is the most exciting aspect about your career?

A I really enjoy being with my clients and making their hair look amazing. I also love transforming a client’s hair and style.

Q What is the most basic but effective hair care tip that you have?

ADo not use box color! It does so much damage and it is an extremely lengthy process to remove. Also, do not over-wash your hair. Wash at most every other day and use salon products recommended by a professional stylist. The right products used correctly can transform your hair from dry and lifeless to healthy and radiant.

Q What do you like doing most?

A I love doing haircuts, hair color, hair extensions, straightening, make-up and styling. I never want to limit myself to one aspect of the complete style. All the techniques and tools I use to create the perfect look are essential. It would be like asking Michelangelo “Which part of the body do you prefer to sculpt?” I doubt he would limit his preference to just the arms.

"I believe hairdressing is an art form and I consider lifestyle and personality before a cut, color, extensions or straightening."  

– Annettte